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Showing posts from March 18, 2008
Hihi dearies=)
didnt went school today.
gotten MC from doctor.
having Flu, Cough and losy of voice. :x
eh! not the Flu virus. dont worry!
hahahs. :D

i'm not sure why some computers can view my post while some cant.
maybe my hongkong that post is super duper long,
that's why blogger cant feature it out causing it to lag la.
but well, some can view it :D
maybe i'll shorten the amout of posts on my blog.
so it can come out again bahs.

thanks my dearest sister for getting my tvb weekly la.
i didnt went school today so cant buy. LOL.
i'm going to study later.
seeee, i'm a good student. LOL

My sister went to make spoilt my modem.
cant use my house com la.
so currently, i'm at my cousin's house.

is this fate purpose?
spoilt my modem this time, so my mum could change modem to starhub and sign up starhub cable tv!
muhahas! i can get to watched TVB jade on 30th jan!
The Super Trio game! yea~

hahas. hopefull she quickly sign up for it la! :D
cant wait to watched it la!:D
my sheh jiejie was su…