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Showing posts from November 9, 2007
lalalas. hello people! [:
i've got band today!
&its foor drill today!
tadaa.tadaa! i loveee foot drill! (:
its super fun fun fun!:D
foot drills are loved(:

i just changed blogskin!
hahas. i was looking for HK TVB dramas the blogskins
but couldnt find those with my fav hongkong actress on it.
hmmm.i am currently watching lots of hongkong shows on
its completely free to watch there la.
but not all hongkong shows are there.
but there's quite alot of hongkong shows.!
its nice.

&&&~ JUST LOVE 老婆大人.
will be airing on november 15 on channel 8, 7pm!
there's jessica hester hsuan!
she's a magrisrate (sp). the highest ranking in court!
she's good in that show!
i hate that woman known as "yoyo leung" in that show la.
her role damn CHEAP.
make me wanna slap her man.lols.
Jessica hester hsuan english damn pro la.
american english sia.
i cant wait for the show!
actually this show was released in the year of 2005.
i watched already.
TWICE somemore! :…