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Showing posts from July 6, 2008
HEYA dearies!
janice.cookie has left for hongkong already.
lucky her. [:
have a great fun there sweetiee!

i'm watching Life begins at fourty on TVBjade now!
CHARM! :D i get to see CHARM agaiN!
hahahhs! i'm finding Carry Me series!
Jessie got it! lucky her.
i have to buy it from yesasia i guessed.

And i was just now.
and of course to update myself with TVB news.LOL
I just knew that Patrick And Selena Li is officially dating!
LOL! congrats and i'll wish them all the best!

and one news i find it really stupid la.
TVB shows got complaint 4 times!
it's like wth?
Hongkong people really likes complaining over small matters?
the article is really ridiculous la.
, and was being complaint by people. -.-
the reasons were really ahem.

TVB's programmes received complaints again, 4 this time

Complaints! Complaints Again!! And more complaints!!!! Recently the details of the few shows broadcasted by TVB were unsatisfactory and had caused the audiences to complain. Some went to complain …
Hi all.
mummy had went for k.
and left my younger sis and me at home.
and i'm having sad+angry kinda expression.

why cant he be more reasonable?
why is he always saying those words that i cant stand it?
i've been swallowing all his words and keep silent
just because i dont wanna aruge with him.
i respect him, but till now, I FINALLY cannot just swallowing wad he say.
i really cannot stand him.
he did not contribute to anything but yet just know how to speak with his mouth.
no actions done and no proper mind and no respect for the people aroud him.!
wake up please, daddy!
mummy has been working hard to maintain this house?
what have you done?!
your unreasonable words once and again disappoint mummy!

I break down finally, tears keep rolling down my check.
i'm speechless and really dono when my family is tearing apart.
i told myself to be strong and not to LET A SINGLE TEAR roll down easily again.
i just hope he'll wake up to his…