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backbackback.blogs are bored this time. :/
went band this morning and band was quite
MR LENG is super duper funny.
he can make us laugh non-stopin an hour.
while we are practising the songs,
he talks to his "elmo torchlight."if we are not gd with the song,
he would "talk" to his elmo torch.
and he helped his elmo reply.
hahahe was super funny la.
he told us about the outing this wednesday and told us to play with FLIES.LOL!.
he say drink a bandung and after that it would attract flies in.
after the fly went into the cup of bandung,close ur hands with it and shake the cup.
the fly than turn unconscious.then pluck out their wings(yucks)
and after the fly awake,
it would not fly
he call us buly insects la.haha.
he is super funny la.

after band,
went out with jiahui and yuzhen.
we went to eat eat at the food court there.
lol.after that went to walk ard ps.
had nothing to do so went to dobby exchange to shop.
we went the…