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Showing posts from July 22, 2008
Helloha dearies!
've not been blogging regularly cos partly i'm busy with test and secondly i'm lazy.
yes that's the main point - LAZY;

there's career workshop today.
and i thot it's kinda boring.
but well it turns out alright la.
you get to know your own personality and predict what jobs is suitable for you.
after the personality thingy, i belong to the group - artistic.
Jobs suitable are Actor, Advertising Executive, Tv host, etc.
And my second one belongs to the the group - Social.
Jobs suitable are Flight attendant, Nurse, Social worker, etc.

And my desire dream was to be a flight attendant.
but well it didnt gives me the highest score.

i got my chemistry test back!
and woot i pass!
it's all about moles!
and i thot i will fail. BUT NO!
i improve it too! HAHAS!
17 out of 25.
highest - 20.5 goes to cherilynn.
she's so power man! LOL!
thanks to Mr iskander my chem teacher and of course Ms pay! :]
she gave me tips and all. [: hehes.

i'm having physics…