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Showing posts from November 6, 2010
Hi Readers! ^^
today is merely photos! (:
oh before i start to upload the pictures....

TODAY, 7th of NOVEMEBER, marks the day which my ajumah omma is born! :D hehe
YOU KNOW IM YOUR "IRREPLACABLE XIAO GONG ZHU" and you'll forever my ajumah omma!

Today had early shooting with Melvin, the photographer!
at Marina Barrage gallery!~
was suppose to meet him at 9am!
im so sorry! didnt meant to be late.
we cant find the shuttle service or rather we are not sure if we are at the correct bus stop! HAHA.
so decided to cab down to barrage form marina bay.
reached there at 930! IM SO SORRY MELVIN OPPA! HAHA.

it was great working with him as well!
his photography skills are awesome.
and really awesome alright.
ive seen the pictures from his camera!
great! ^^
cant wait to receive the pictures from him :D
thanks for the hard work oppa!

After that, dawn and i rush down to another location.
shall not elaborate on that.
we had time before meeting melvin for 2nd shootin…