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Showing posts from November 14, 2007
currently chatting with panda sister.
she's lovely!:D

hahas,wonder if she had seen jessica hsuan in mediacorp?
felicia is really friendly!:D

felicia is a really friendly person,
she talks like a big sister.:D
panda jiejie.! :D
hello people!
hahas.i post a wrong information that JUST LOVE the show,
acted by my fav jessicahsuan:)
will be airing on 19 nov instead of 15nov.
so sorrry for the wrong information below.

jessica's forum there's a kind person told that u can catch parental guidance on TVmobile.
at 930am, 330pm and 830pm.
do catch them when u're on bus yea?

i catch PG on mobtv instead.
i save it on com.
mobtv videos can save up to maximum 4 complete sets of videos as one episode carries about 202 MB.
yes.thats alot.
hmmm. opera tmr!:D

awww. i'm still waiting for my aunt to bring THE ULTIMATE CRIME FIGHTER
the disc episodes!
i'm still waiting for my yoyo mung show:)

gtg. BYES:)

~sunshine & love be with you
in rainy days
i shall be with you
love is no fool
dreams come true!:D