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Showing posts from January 18, 2008
hiya dearies! =)
had schooling as usual today! & jeremy stopped ur nonsense saying about sheh okay! i'll chop ur head down laa! xp sheh rawks laa! school today was kinda fun. the 2 behind me are damn noisy laa! hahhas.
Char was arriving to singapore just ow at 1250pm. and was heard that she stayed about ten minutes and off to JB events le. i wanted to see her at the airport la! but i had CCA. so cannot go ): but luckily FRAN did capture pictures of char in the airport! thanks FRAN! [:
met FRAN after band, sorry i was a late! x] print print print some photos (: & i'll help to take clear pics and asked them to sign if i had the chance! :) hahahs!
went home after that & meet cousin again. went to tampines ikea. OMFG! i tell u its freaking big laa that ikea. too big till u cant find the cashier laa! got the photoframes! :D RED in colour! ah-sheh's favv!. hahas. seeing sheh tmr! :D damn excited.
i'm going to decorate the frame later! :) got her a red artificial flower too! :) * SG FANS …