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Showing posts from November 16, 2010

love the watergun session on the first night
love the "zhong ji mi ma", the feeling of everyone shivering in the cold while waiting for the rest to bathe.
love the screening of movie (zombie show --> Happy family (xiaodong! ) )
love the bringing of my tutorial to do at the chalet (HAHA)
love the interaction between Winx.
love the silly-ness of Winx to get up at 430am to watch sunrise -.-
love the timing when we slept while the rest were awake.
love the decorations done by everyone (especially Bananas partners!)
love the cam-whoring sessions!
love the BBQ.
love the cake-cutting session with all of them
love the cake.
love the video screening (so touched, awww)
love the guess-who.
love the Countdown! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US! ^^
love the yumseng time + making sincere wishes for her.
love the cream (HAHA, although it was sticky like dono whatzzzzzzz)
love the pajamas night! (where we looked silly to the max)