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A Wanderlust Ambition

Hello Guys!

Just feel like blogging on my personal basis instead of fulfilling a Challenge by Teenage. All 7 Challenges are completed and I really felt that sense of achievement and the determination in  me. It wasn't easy to complete the challenges especially when it is all just a week apart. Thank God, the people in Teenage Magazine are the loveliest people who accommodates all our flaws (including late submissions :x) Sadly, I may not be able to attend the Teenage Gorgeous You Finals because of my shoot schedule. :( Sigh, as much as I would love to attend, (especially after all the hard work of preparing for the challenges) I most probably won't be able to because the Toggle drama I am doing has location constraints and will be shooting on that day. Whatever the results may be, I wish all the fellow finalists the best of luck! It was fun to be in this together with you all!

Back to the topic! I typed "Wanderlust" and it is defined as "a strong desire to travel