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Showing posts from October 17, 2008
Hello dearies! =D
i'm glad that i'm back blogging.
tags are piling up :p
cos some is repeated ones. -.-

i've known my results and yes i'm smoothly and successfully promoted to sec 4 express next year (:
but some of my classmates are retaining ): some even literally transferred to normal academic.
4e5 next year will not have the total pupils of 36 ):
but even small group.

back to results time.
i've got 4th place in class which i dropped one position sadly ):
COS I LOSE TO SOH SHENG HUI with that little tweeny marks!
never mind. at least i've been place 47/188 for the whole of sec 3 express.
proud (: heheeeee!
i have a total of 2 distinctions, 1 Bs, 4Cs! LOL! shit man. so many C's.
but at least i didnt fail any (:
that's it :D

i'm extremely GLAD that i passed F&N! LOL! (:
that's so cool! HAHA!
it's my last day of school today and next week i'm going temasek poly to experience poly life :D
we are trying out tourism course :)
that's super cool
and a…