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Showing posts from August 24, 2008
Hello dearies! :)
been out with my animals to bugis to shop for her clothings and shoes for tmr's concert @ esplanade.
and she only bought a shoe! FLATS!
my fav type of shoe! :)
we'll be wearing skirts and shirt tmr (:
but elephant is wearing jeans ):

then home and continue my Moonlight Resonance.
this show is really great (:
i love tavia-moses scenes!
SO hilarious! :D
especially Episode 9 onwards, there's tears for laughter; there's tears for sorrows as well.
really love this show! :D

i miss CHARM! ):
LOL!!! i always go baidu forum cos there are lots of charm's pics and memory(:

As you know, my blog song changed(:
Proud of you- Fiona Fung.
i'm really glad that i didnt choose the wrong song to sing infront of Mskoh.
there's lots of classmates really love this song.
all cried after this song.

Proud of you - Fiona Fung

Love in your eyes
Sitting silent by my side
Going on Holding hand
Walking through the nights

Hold me up Hold me tight
Lift me up to touch the sky
Teaching me …