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The Changing Point Productions Xmas Dinner

Hi Everyone!
braved through the storm, braved through the "proclaimed" doomsday and im here to blog!
woohoo as ive said i'm living in the world not believing that there will be doomsday.
So people, please live happily everyday ok!

So anyway im here with my next blogpost on: The Changing Point Productions Xmas Gathering!
huh? what is The Changing Point Productions? In short, it is TCP, wanna find out more?
Please go to their facebook page @
or visit the official website at!
okay lah, i be nice, tell you in summary, they produce online dramas/Variety shows and even have their own Awards ceremony! Click on the link to watch their exciting shows!!
Currently on air is TCP's blockbuster [Pottery]! One of the show that i've enjoyed very very much and hungry for more episodes, always blaming how come each episode so short only then how come the music can just right fit the atmosphere…

All i want for Xmas is.... you

All I want for Xmas is.... you

I need to introduce my most wanted gadget before the year closes for 2012!
that is the....... Casio EX-JE10!!!
It's really very very pretty and i hope Santa Clause can visit me and drop it in front of my house :'(

OMG. screeeammms! look how pretty the pink one is!!
Please baby santa, bring it to me to add into my pink collection of items~~~

Goodnight for now! :)
Rehearsals for a wedding event tmr evening :)

Filming in Process: Youth Diary

I'm back to blogging again, was thinking to update pretty long ago but im just lazy.
I was thinking of updating my blog frequently. okay, i shall make it a promise to update it more frequently and less lazier. (i try my best!)
i have to admit I dont even know how my blog looks like now. lollll and im supposed to blog 2 different post! One on my recent film and the other on TCP Christmas Party celebration which was held on the 15th.
Let's see if im lazy after this. hehe.

Okay, so this post is dedicated to my 1st Chinese show (when i said first, its like roles which you have character's name) Although its not like you know those Channel8 then got many episodes then can see my face a lot of times one. Not lah, *cheyyyy* yes i know, i shall just wait miraculously for any casting directors to read my blogpost and cast me in drama(S) okay!! *prays* hahahaha continue to dream Joyce....

Anyway, this is a docu-drama which is going to be aired in ChannelU next year, probably around…
Oh dance! from Joyce_Ng on Vimeo.

Annyeong! cheers to all the night owls~
So... this post is about Skarf's Oh dance cover!
Er, not really a proper cover because as you can see, i couldnt record my full body to show the foot steps because the room is too small and messy!! oh gosh. those are my mum's items FYI.
and this i learnt it myself by following the youtube video, its not perfect yet.
Will do up the proper cover when i find good location and also perfecting the steps!!
i cant really max my steps and stretch well because things were piled up around me!! gosh.
This is just first draft T.T no space to stretch well and the steps thus dosent look perfect. PFFTT
ohwell, next time tgt with waikei! ^^

so... im actually following SOL's dance steps!
she's the one with short brown hair and cute eyesmiles!^^
she's sort of my bias in skarf!! hahahah
so here you go, skarf's Oh dance performance! =)

back to perfect steps!

Inner thoughts- Same industry, different characters

another quick update before i get back to practice my dance!  I'm really determined to meet my target asap and to produce the most accurate dance movements and of course those "Aura" and "Ageyo" in those kpop dances! lolll.  Currently im still perfecting my Skarf's Oh dance steps! ^^ & Waikei and I decided to work towards our dreams by meeting up (Try to) every weekend to practice dance steps and vocals! wooohoooo. because you believe, you have dreams, what's next- to work towards it, duh?  I'm very happy we actually realized this practice! ^^v and i cant wait to start dance and posting it on youtube!! HAHHA. Im sure the collaboration between Waikei and I would be a good one! :D
My topic for today: Inner thoughts- Same Industry, different characters? Who are your true friends in this industry? Not easy to find one at all.  you know some simply ignores you when you care about them genuinely and 你是真付出100%的心思来和她交朋友leh. 这不是我们人应该相处的行为…
WOOOHOOO HELLOOOOO! ^^ look what ive got! :)) Twitters/instagramers would know i've got my very one Taeyeon's BBG watch that i've always wanted! IT'S SUPER PRETTY I SWEAR!  Goddad brought me out for a whole day of shopping ytd and he bought me so many things! ^^ i got lots of makeup, skincare and haircare stuff too. i think the watsons person sure love me. LOL.  and i went around bugis street as well! the thing here is that i always cannot find chio clothes in bugis street! All rather, too little that fits my style or i dont know how to style it.  Usually, my younger sister is very good at hunting and styling clothes.  how failed am i right. LOL, so everytime Im matching my clothes i'll asked her, what goes with what. LOLL.

Anyway, TADDA, second attempt on eyeliners.  quite satisfying as it's only my second time doing this, actually it looks good on pictures la. but you see me in real person, there's a lot of "cui makeup" . not perfectly done at …

I'm back to blog but this time round with a motive!
before i start the purpose of this post, let's do it with some pictures! kekeke.

Such a camwhore person how can i missed my own face right. HAHA
anyway, those hairbands cute right! the one in red i got it from korea while the one on the right i got it from chameleon , hougang branch! but the salesperson sucks, because she has this very bad attitude when customer requested something from her. like the item but not for the service. & I am someone if im really angry with your service, i'll walk away. pfffttt

and it was my sis's birthday 2 days ago!
hahaha, this stupid girl doing such thing so late~~
anyway, hope you had a blast 17th! :))) I guess sister's relationship kind of thing is like when you grew older, you begun to cherish your sisters even more. but when we were young, we fight like mad dogs and Im serious. We fought almost every other day. & now my older sister is always not at home, I …