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Inner thoughts- Same industry, different characters

another quick update before i get back to practice my dance! 
I'm really determined to meet my target asap and to produce the most accurate dance movements and of course those "Aura" and "Ageyo" in those kpop dances! lolll. 
Currently im still perfecting my Skarf's Oh dance steps! ^^
& Waikei and I decided to work towards our dreams by meeting up (Try to) every weekend to practice dance steps and vocals! wooohoooo. because you believe, you have dreams, what's next- to work towards it, duh? 
I'm very happy we actually realized this practice! ^^v and i cant wait to start dance and posting it on youtube!! HAHHA. Im sure the collaboration between Waikei and I would be a good one! :D

My topic for today: Inner thoughts- Same Industry, different characters?
Who are your true friends in this industry? Not easy to find one at all. 
you know some simply ignores you when you care about them genuinely and 你是真付出100%的心思来和她交朋友leh. 这不是我们人应该相处的行为吗?我真的觉得你超可怕的,因为我不知道你交朋友的目的什么。ahya, 越讲越气,又不可以泄漏太多,免得心虚的她开始怀疑自己然后来disturb me. I mean seriously right, you shared true inner thoughts and feelings to a friend and you cared for her, telling her all your honest opinions, encouraging her to the max, what did I get in return? I don't expect any but I just want you to cherish the friendships you build within this industry because its not easy to find one best friend in this competitive industry. 

I just don't understand some would look fame>friends. I think i should care lesser right? the lesser i care the happier i can be lah. It's so hard to find one who shares the same thinking with you because of the intense competition. but one thing that im glad and thank god for is really my bbbgirl :) We started off together, on the same path of journey and that's how we first met. We furthered our acting skills and met each other again in the higher level of acting course. What we had in ourselves = selfish-less thoughts, we believe we would want to film together, and be happy for each other whoever got roles! We dont complicate matters you see. and we are really, genuinely happy and proud of each other and will cheer one another on. We encourage ourselves if we dont get the roles because we believe god has greater plans for us. Amen. That is why we are so happy! (browse the photos above and see how happy we can be!) We used competition between ourselves to motivate us instead! ^^ and i thank bbgirl for always be there for me :) Really comfortable to speak and gossip with you :D

okay, i shall go back to dancing!
Enough is enough, you wanna lead your life in such way, believe me, you soon end up with little or no friends because you did not learn to cherish. 
I'm happy with my life and i shall stop thinking about you after i end this post! :D

Gotto head back to school tmr for oncampus session.
how sucky! D: thought i could sleep in :((
after that to do an interview with the film producer then to meet my lovely girls!! :D
I really cant wait to see them eh!! Candice, Kahyin, Elaine~~ It's been so longggg!! :D
Sunday would be a busy day again D: and i cant attend church again because there's a casting in the morning and followed by a shoot~ 
Missing the cameras in action already!

Withdrawal symptoms for #ontheedge!  (My episode was supposedly be in Ep8 right? it might be changed to the final episode! 
For more information & please they need feedbacks for the programme to improve better! Visit On the Edge facebook page at: 
(or you can comment when you see me on TV ok! lolll, or on channel5 page also can la. #thickskin HAHA, im just kidding! this is my very first time acting such role, so please dont be harsh on me T.T)

My Days with #ontheedge
because of awesome crews & casts with me thats why no matter how stress am I while doing this (I stressed myself one la, lol) i really enjoyed it! Slideshows of the filming process would always be appearing in my mind!^^ 
For E.g: Wally's & Linda's first awkward hug. (kana NG a lot of times :/  )
house scenes- emotional scenes (pissed off with myself cause I dont achieve the result i wanted, crew had to do a lot here, Stupid Joyce!! !@*@&#!)
Nice parents & Funny NG cuts in between the interactions of the parents! ^^ keke
Wally and Linda's interaction by the swing and crew went "never kiss ah?" (Such funny & cute team right! kekee)^^ 

Met Darryl in the wardrobe unit and imparted me with some acting skills! *awesomely grateful*^^v
Uncle Ming, the lovely bus driver! He was chitchatting with me in the bus because there was a scene in the morning. HE IS WAY TOO CUTE. I MISSED UNCLE MING D: he always asked if im eaten why ive not eaten and he always calls me Linda. LOL SO CUTE.
& i dont know why it started raining whenever i walked out!! !@#@$ because mine was an outdoor scene. LOL and director went "must be linda never bathe..." o.o! i came out bathing! HAHA love the way the crews tried to make fun of me and spice up the environment. 
Had a car scene in the morning and cool equipments used! walkie-talkies! haah because AD has to control the walkies, she had to be beside the driver seat, so when the camera on roll, they filmed till her and they were like "eh, how come can see her!" then everybody went: Just pretend that's his GF. LOLL i was laughing when im not supposed to.
Met my new classmates Iris and Joan (interaction between them :))   ) 
awkward introduction scene with Wally. (till the crew didnt cut us when we long ended our dialogues. LOL)

Restaurant to supposedly enjoyed good food! loll, kidding (but i always screwed up the emotions part WHY OH WHY~~) Director still speak to me in Korean! how cute can she be! 
got a compliment from soundcrew! he said wally and Linda's acting was good! Im really happy to hear that but that's because there's no emotional scenes yet. I'm really happy when someone recognizes my acting! Really!! ^^ (okay la, but damn sad when i cannot portray emotion scenes up to the standard that i aimed for T.T )
This Wally always never fails to make me laugh! had so much fun on set definitely. 
After that, had that emotional scenes from the same venue, thats when i got pissed off with myself again because I couldnt gave the reactions that director wants. (stupid Joyce x2!!!) and this Wally cannot eat naturally in front of the camera and made me couldnt suppress my laughter so end up kana scolded. HAHA. 
The next location was awesome, because it looks like a fairy tale~~ keke (look out whats that place! and i dont really like the makeup, like some 1970s with red cheeks and lips and bun, ohgawd, now i machiam looked older than Wally.... nooooooooo) but it was my first time experiencing this! ^^v
After that went on to the last few location shoots with my coactors Iris and Joan! :)
It was a great experience together with them indeed :)
I pulled Iris's hand so badly i felt so guilty D:

I remembered so much even though the filming took place like a month ago? that's because its my first virgin piece. LOL. i wasted so much of CC's eye drops too (guilty x infinity). 
Truly having so much fun with the casts and crew of #Ontheedge!
Director LH, AD CC & Hanisah with my awesome crews!! 
I spent 3 fulfilling days with them including meals and one of the crew was the famous Ah boon from 摆家了!Do you know he was recognized at the food court?! HAHA. his reaction was super cute when the aunties beside him went to ask him if he was ah boon! LOLLL!
The chemistry of the crews were super good the whole filming process was enjoying and enriching :D
They showered, took care and taught me lots of things i'll remember for life! :')
Including my casting director Jean :D 

Okay, seems like its not a short update! LOL,
enjoying myself while typing the memorable memories with #ontheedge
hoping that I can work with them again soon! 
really got to go back dancing alr!! :D
goodnight everyone!

Wanna know what the whole story is about? Catch #Ontheedge, every wednesday 10pm on Channel5! 
you have to catch everything la, so you know when am I appearing. LOLLLL
cause i also not sure about the sequence now. kekeke
rest well !^^


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