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Travel to Batam with Jwanting & Julynn!

Hi guys! 
So, if you follow me on Instagram (@jwanting), you will know i just got back from the 2 Days 1 night short trip to Batam! 
Usually, when we talked about batam, it reminds me of the resorts near the beaches and then there's nothing much already. I mean, for as I remembered the last time I ever visited Batam. 

However, this time round, I got introduced to a more city-style of Batam which I really enjoyed! I'm actually quite excited to share this post because many of you are already asking me what I did in Batam and where I stayed!
So, let's begin our adventures!

Julynn and I made a trip down to Batam over the weekends and yes, 2 Days 1 night short trip is made possible with Batam! You'll love this short getaway! 

Boarding on Majestic Fast Ferry to Batam! Thank You Best Western Premier Panbil for this arrangement of transportation! Had a comfy journey to Batam!

 Best Western Premier Panbil Hotel's staff picked the both of us up from the ferry terminal! 
The hotel provides shuttle buses from the terminal to the hotel's location! It isn't far at all! (Don't worry, I dislike accommodations far from the terminal too) It was about 10-15mins drive there!

This is the exterior of how Best Western Premier Panbil hotel looks like.
Modern and simplistic, big & spacious!

Greeted by the friendly staff over at Best Western Premier Panbil with the welcome drinks! 

If you forgot to bring some necessaties along, fret not, because there is a convenience stall just right beside the Hotel! ok, the ice-cream is my necessity :]

(We stayed in a suite! The suite is beautiful, you can get it upgraded at a reasonable price!)

Greeted with the Dining area, is a posh dining table with chairs, and a plate of fresh fruits!
Yep, I love how hotels greet us with fruits because I eventually will have them! 
There were cookies served in the in the afternoon as well! The cookies were really good! 

The is the pantry area. 
Filled with the basic necessities like Coffee/tea bags, water, coffee machine and a fridge full of drinks and tidbits!

This is the living room with our comfy sofa! 
There's a big TV right in front too! (but we were out of the room most of the time so we didn't get to switch on the TV afterall. Really hope that I can just spend one day to nua in the room because the suite is really awesome!) 
Cute Juju popping her head out to allow me to take a picture! (haha)

This is our BED!!!!!
Super comfortable bed, one can just tuck yourself in the whole day. 
That is why I really wanna be back just to be on the bed and do nothing else.
It is pure happiness~ 
With sophisticated and fresh linens, you won't feel like getting out of bed, I swear.

Ok, to me, the bathroom has always been my focus point in choosing my accommodation. 
I will not choose a hotel which has terrible cleanliness and old bathroom. (I just cannot stand it) 
But, just look at the pictures below, IM IN LOVE!!
Bathroom is spacious and super duper clean! 
It has a bathtub (so bring you bubbles/lushes there!) and also a standing shower right beside! (so you can pick your choice! hehe) 

More bathroom tour in the video that I embedded below! 


First up, we visited the Roof-Top Bar during the day
The view during the day was already awesome, imagine the night time when you're back up here :) 

Roof Top bar at Best Western Premier Panbil is huge and lovely. 
This is the stage where bands will be singing or any drinking competition exists. 
Coupled with an artistic and friendly feel, we were enjoying our tour here in the day and we got back at night to try out the drinks! 

Insta-worthy background! heh 
Well, i think i was picking out my drinks to prepare for that night... (just kidding) 

Chilling with drinks with a lovely view :)

This was a glimpse of the city from the Roof Top bar! 
We can't really do justice to the actual view with this photo because when you're there, you'll be way more amazed what's in front of you! 

Let's talk POOLSIDE

If you ever been to MBS's infinity pool side, you'll find similarity with the hotel's one. 
Nothing is blocking your view while dipping in the pool!
Well, the only difference is that, the poolside is on lower level, so don't expect a high level top down, one shot see everything kinda view
But, poolside is really beautiful enough without anything coming your way to block the scenery right in front of you. 

Of course, being an ultimate tamjiak, I cannot resist not having food!
& I am someone who loves variety of food! 
Let's talk about the international breakfast buffet spread here in Best Western Premier Panbil!
There were a whole of choices! 
From local Indonesia food, to Jap choices, to even some singaporean dishes etc! 
Sure, there's something for everyone! 

Are you a sucker for bread like me, you're in heaven here~ 

There is a customization of your sushi here!

Some melted cheese on your sushis? Yes Please!

This was just 1/3 of our spread! 

Good Morning & let's fill our stomachs! 


ESKA Wellness spa massage & salon is located within the hotel, the same level as the poolside. 
Talking about Batam, it is certainly a need to have your mind & body well-rested. 
We visited ESKA to get a full body massage and also hair styling (well, you have to look good preparing for drinks at the roof top bar at night. hehe) 

We had the most impressive service from ESKA that I can't emphasize enough. Let me conclude them after showing you guys the wonderful facilities from ESKA. 

We were served this cute little cup of in-house ginger tea to start off!

This is the couple room. By right, only couples are allowed in this room.
Because Juju and I had to film the video, we requested the couple room to aid the video taking. 
Look at the beautiful and amazing furnishings inside the room! 
We were so in love!! 

Instaworthy bathtub shot! 
The room is obviously made for couple with the shower points and big bathtub. 
If you are heading for massage, it's separate rooms, don't worry. 

Comfortable linens for our stay!
We chose the hot stone full body massage for 1.5 hours and that moment became another highlight of the trip. 
As I was saying, Batam is a place you would want to relax your mind and body, a massage is definitely needed. I would love for a full body and another session on just foot reflexology! 
Our Masseuses were awesome ladies with the best massage techniques and skills we can ever asked for. Can I just stay inside the whole day and request for a 24 hour massage....... (ok i wish) 

Apart from amazing furnishings and facilities, service from ESKA was on the top-notch! 
Literally, i had to emphasize and repeat my points on how ESKA was so professional and hospitable. 
Staff were at the door welcoming guests, manager counters were always serving with a smile and checking on us if we were good and comfortable. Everybody was waiting to serve guests with lovely and genuine smiles on their faces. Don't that picture just make you smile and wanting to go back for their services even more often?  

I'll highly recommend you to go for the massages. It is not even expensive to begin with. Relax your mind and rest your body with them. You'll feel superb after that. 
One tip, your hair will be oily if you are doing the full body massage because of the aroma oil/herbs they used on you. So, just pay another ~$10 SGD to get your hair wash, blow & style beautifully to prepare you for your night out. 

ESKA has very talented staffs who knows how to style your hair beautifully! 

I requested to do the waves on my hair & they did it! 
I was quite impressed by their skills on hair as well. Afterall, they gave an impression that they might specialize in spas and massage. I had low expectations on whether they could style it the way I want and there you go! They did it! Love services from ESKA. Would definitely be back for more more more of their services!

Thank You for the best service and skills we could ever ask for, ESKA! 


Billy brought us to have seafood spread during our trip as well! (I LOVE SEAFOOD AND IM MISSING THE SEAFOOD SO MUCH T.T)
One does not say she has already been to Batam if she didn't had seafood! 
We went to a place called the "Barelang Seafood
Where the seafood are freshly caught in front of us, cooked and served! 

We were greeted with the skilled workers there catching the live seafood! 
(Watch the video to see some cute stunts!) 

Entrance to the visitation of caught live sea creatures which are going into our stomachs! 
hehe, im sorry sea creatures but you're too yummy :(

Apart from being a seafood place, there are many interesting things to do within this area. 
For instance, 

A picture moment with the beautiful iconic bridge - Barelang Bridge! 

Thank you Billy, the batam prince, for hosting us! whee~

Well, You can also risk your life to walk onto this rocking bridge and earn a totally instaworthy photo! Billy was such annoying he kept shaking the entire bridge! No peace for me to take a photo but skillful Julynn did for me anyway! yay!

You can also create a photo series like me (below). There are hammocks around the bridge, and if you dare, go on and lie down for picture with the sea!
I was rather afraid it would break because the ropes were attached to the wooden blocks which house all the live sea creatures! Like what if I am too heavy and I just dragged the entire wooden pillar down?! I'll be victim to the sea creatures?! 

haha, I was just kidding. It is perfectly safe & secured! 
But I was wearing shorts, so I think let's make do with just sitting and look (a bit) pretty. :p 

Or, you can have someone to take pictures with! 
For instance, this little quirky monkey sure had stolen our hearts! 

Amazing monkey here knows when there are cameras around! 
It would pose like this for us to take pictures! Super cute one! 

Monkey loves humans!
It was trying hard to grab hold of me hoping that I can release the rope tied onto it. :(
It was an amazing experience having to interact with this sweetheart though!

So, the main purpose of this place is still the cheap yet super shiok seafood right!
Here were what we were hosted by Patrick & Billy! 
One of the highlights from the Batam Trip! WE HAD AMAZING SEAFOOD!

My personal favourite out of all dishes was actually this black pepper crayfish! 

Omo, putting these pictures at 12:47AM certainly does not help. 
I'm missing the seafood so much!! #HELPLA
Its like i wouldnt mind traveling to batam just for these 宝贝(treasures)
Each dish is so well-marinated, seafood were caught live and cooked on the spot, what's more to complain about? 
Best experience and highly recommended seafood paradise to come by!

Another highlight of the Batam Trip is to try out our virgin experience with wake-board!!
No experience, fret not, you will have the coaches there to teach you!
I was so scared at first but realized that it was quite addictive after a few rounds! 

Batam Wake Park is huge! 
Not only that, but it is so beautiful as well. :')
So amazed by God's creation of everything! 

There were 2 areas - one for the beginners (like us) with controlled speed and smaller area while the other is for the more experienced wake-boarders who can do tricks and stunts!

Now, this smaller lake behind me is for the beginners! There are staffs who will be controlling the speed of the cable so that they can stop the cable when.. (ahem) you fall into the water. Well, it is perfectly normal to keep falling off. Don't be afraid of the water! It was actually quite shiok to dip into the lake! 

 Preparing to head off for my first wakeboarding experience!
First thought was "this wakeboard is heavy man"

"But i still need a cool picture. heh"

Picture with our coaches aka the pros there~
But they were really friendly and extremely patient!
Not forgetting, super encouraging as well because.... we kept falling into the lake and at one point of time, i just wanted to say forget it.. (LOL)

On a mission to capture memories, and i think we just captured beautiful skies and water. 
So so gorgeous!

Chose the "never-gone-wrong" indomee topped with beef patty and an egg for a late lunch!
It was my first time trying indomee (ok, call me suagu)
It was really super yummy!!! Love love it!!
how can maggi noodles taste so heavenly? 

The following are wake board stunts by the professionals! 
Here is where the cable speed is faster where wakeboarders can challenge themselves for stunts and tricks as well! (nope, i haven't reach that stage yet. lol) 

Woah, this wakeboarder has competed in SEA Games before. 
He's super relaxed doing all his stunts while we were busy going "WA, WOW, WHAT THE." 

Now, if pictures can't impress you, just check their actions via the video below!
Thank You Julynn for piecing the videos together!
Lovely video and memories captured! 

Thank you for the wonderful hospitality, Batam Wake Park!
We can't wait to be back exploring more exciting wake boarding skills! 
Please remember to bring your extra clothes over to shower and change out after your activity! 

The trip to Batam this time round was simply amazing! 
It was pretty packed but we had one of the most amazing experiences and activities!
Who knows Batam could be this fun and memorable!?!
If you are yearning for a short getaway, why not consider Batam your next choice of destination?
Get your stomach filled, relax your mind, refresh your body & challenge yourself to lovely outdoor activities! =)

Thank You Best Western Premier Panbil for the most awesome hotel stay! I kid you not, their rates are extremely affordable! (Check them out over at:

Thank You Eska Wellness Spa & Salon for the top-notch service! I've got the best service and in good hands for the entire time! (located within the hotel)

Thank You Batam Wake Park for the amazing hospitality and fun times! Thank you to all the coaches for the experience! Check them out over at:  (

Lastly, Thank you Billy for having us over for this trip! Special thanks to Patrick for hosting us as well! Please have us back again soon! Thank You Julynn for the amazing companion! 

Till then, Batam! 


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