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Showing posts from October 16, 2010
He's my love. (: Right now, im still at unnie's house. i really love staying here that i dont feel like going home forever. enjoying every single seconds in here. i can do what i like. it's so convenient tooooo! :) like gym, suana (whatever you spell it), running in the morning and everything. Anyway, im still waiting for my korean supplier to mail me back! T.T i really want to ask him to supply me the clothes! cause i think its gonna be a big hit. In addition, k-pop had a big influence on singaporeans as well. so i guessed customers are also gonna be attracted to the clothes! PLEASE REPLY ME SOON. T.T kamsahamida~ anyway, tmr ive to attend the NECDC district meeting from 1pm-4pm. hope its a good experience for me! ^^ and after that ive to head back for work at taka. busy schedule ahead.~ okay, school is reopening in 10 days time. T.T why holidays passed so fast?!! i want my holidays still. okay, stop complaining you pabo joyce. k, shall go remove contacts + make up and head to sleep! GOODNIGHT…