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Showing posts from March 5, 2008
hihi dearies=)
i'm back here blogging at such a late hour cos i just woke up from nap
i belive all of you all had seen fei jie's (lydia sum) news, yea?
it is certainly a very touching scene.
i kept crying & crying non-stop.
tissues cant cover all my tears.
Joyce Cheng who is lydia's only beloved daughter really handles fei jie's funeral very well.
on her 20th feb press confrence, she said a sentence which really makes me cry & learn to treasure and love my mum even more.

let me show you guys thevideo.
be prepare to have tissues by your side.

& this is a song video sang by Joyce Cheng & Mr Lau Ka Cheung.
it's a Super TOUCHING song if you know the meaning of the lyrics.
Tears fuilled my eyes when she sang this and when i view ans listen to it.

it is really a touching scene.
Tears filled my eyes always.Everyone will miss fei jie.
she will be in millions of people's heart.
Be strong too Joyce!
we'll support you forever. [:

okay, back to my sheh jiejie's ne…