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post this specially for dawwwnnnteooo.

today woke up at 11 plus,
ha.then zhixin jie asked me to meet her at 12 at city hall.
then quickly prepared and go meeet her.
ate mac
and those outram peeps there are SUPER NOISY la.
they are NOISY.

go esplanade and wait for the practice again.
when we are walking to the esplanade,
zhixin jie and i decided to show off our esplanade pass.
hahah.unauthorized people are not allow to go in the
we clip and walk
reach there at 12.45.
the opera people asked us to reach at 12.30
but their practice starts at 3.15!
idiot.make us wait for so long la.idiot.

practice damn tired.
especially the part 3 of the story
we must stand there for 45 mins without moving!
and all the spotlight shining at us.
thats without the coustume yet
its already hot.

preformance time!
we thot there would be so so little people
but there were loads loads of people la.
haha.see the apprciatetion of opera.
lol.dono wad am i talking about. :/
lin jia lao shi help me with t…