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cant blog much this time
cos exams will shoo then come damn fast le.
must study study.

D&T was my fav subject as i'm under ms peh(:
LOL.but now i'm under mrs han.):
its like wth.?
nvm.but we have theory most of the time.

history was mr pilo.
he is dan freakin funny!
hahah.his handwriting like pilot areoplane liddat.
move damn slant.hahah.yuzhen couldnt understand wad he was writing

maths was easy.
i'm beginning to love
everytime say say only but later diffcult question then die.
LOL. :/

science lesson was super bored.
mr koh's voice was mono~~~
make us damn sleepy.
everytime i active at all lessons
but dono why attend his lesson will sleep.
lol.if its ms pay our teacher and she found out that we feel sleepy,
we kana scolding la.LOL :x
hahah.but she is a wonderful teacher(:

opera performance is on that day!
lol.i'm taking over lixing's place and wonder if she having roles anot.
tmr got opera practice and hopefully she got a role.


tme school's life once again return.
my god,this holiday like no holiday liddat,
but its worth it la.since i like this 2 ccas.

i loveeeee those 2 CCAs.
and ah pei say he look so much like edison chen.
its like wth.?
lol.opera at the esplnade was fun!
hahah.we not suppoese to move at the 3rd part of the show buttt
i cant stand the linhong's laoshi performance
and i laugh.
going home time,and we were naughty little devils.
lol.we dun wan to help them wid the packing and everyone quickly run

i once rmb wad mr chan told me.
he told me this:u always wanna win,u would not wanna lose wan.
i think and think about this.
EVERYONE wish to win in everything rite?
where got people say he/she wanna lose de.
i have the confident to win,so why cant i?
anyway,this is just talktalk only,no offence.

i hate my stupid sister.
keep wanting to use the com.
keep fighting wid me.
she had already used the com for FREAKIN 2 whole day as i need to go for…



post this specially for dawwwnnnteooo.

today woke up at 11 plus,
ha.then zhixin jie asked me to meet her at 12 at city hall.
then quickly prepared and go meeet her.
ate mac
and those outram peeps there are SUPER NOISY la.
they are NOISY.

go esplanade and wait for the practice again.
when we are walking to the esplanade,
zhixin jie and i decided to show off our esplanade pass.
hahah.unauthorized people are not allow to go in the
we clip and walk
reach there at 12.45.
the opera people asked us to reach at 12.30
but their practice starts at 3.15!
idiot.make us wait for so long la.idiot.

practice damn tired.
especially the part 3 of the story
we must stand there for 45 mins without moving!
and all the spotlight shining at us.
thats without the coustume yet
its already hot.

preformance time!
we thot there would be so so little people
but there were loads loads of people la.
haha.see the apprciatetion of opera.
lol.dono wad am i talking about. :/
lin jia lao shi help me with t…


band this morning.
learn song.
i cant just side read notes
only when i write down then i know how to play wid it.
haix.need more experiences.(:

band outing today after band.
did not went to sentosa
just went lunch with
i seem to have 46241254113 years didnt went to sentosa.
lol.nvm.other time.

opera at 7pm just now
and it end freakin late la.
say 0930 can go.
until 10 plus not yet release ue yett.
luckily we left early..
if not... midnight then can go home sia.

lol.after band lunch,
yuzhen and i,
went to raffles city to queu for donuts:D
waited for 2 hours.
its worth it la.
damn long the queue.
but the donuts rawks!

shall let the pictures speeeaakk!(:


backbackback.blogs are bored this time. :/
went band this morning and band was quite
MR LENG is super duper funny.
he can make us laugh non-stopin an hour.
while we are practising the songs,
he talks to his "elmo torchlight."if we are not gd with the song,
he would "talk" to his elmo torch.
and he helped his elmo reply.
hahahe was super funny la.
he told us about the outing this wednesday and told us to play with FLIES.LOL!.
he say drink a bandung and after that it would attract flies in.
after the fly went into the cup of bandung,close ur hands with it and shake the cup.
the fly than turn unconscious.then pluck out their wings(yucks)
and after the fly awake,
it would not fly
he call us buly insects la.haha.
he is super funny la.

after band,
went out with jiahui and yuzhen.
we went to eat eat at the food court there.
lol.after that went to walk ard ps.
had nothing to do so went to dobby exchange to shop.
we went the…



i just came back from class bbq!
it was pretty fun.!

i suppose to meet edwin.brenden.jeremy.edwin.yuzhen & shimin at 11.30.hahah.but i woke up late again. :/
i woke up at 11.38. :x they went to buy ingredients without me first.
i reached seng siong,tekka at 12.40 liddat. bleahs. :xx
ha.sorry everybody!

so was at edwin house from 2 plus.
play his com,download themes all that.
till bernard came with the bee hoon.
and we ask where's the chicken wings and he say it was spoilt. =.="
so we went to novena's cold storage to buy those chicken wings.
i bought kfc.i was super hungry.
so slack till 6 then start.
was cooking, and the prawns were superb!
ha.of course.i was the one who cooked those prawns!(:
those chicken wings were not fully cooked! :/
ha.shimin & yuzhen were cooking with it.
the hotdogs were perfect too.
ha.i cooked with that also.(:
yay.i can be a chief! lol.

then it was the POOL game.
those boys keep pushing people down.
tsk.we cant have our girls' talk.!
i get pus…
yay! woo-la-la!
my com finally okay! the computer man keep comi up to my house. -.-'' & i'm trying to dowload msn messanger but come out rubbish words. -.-
so didnt care about that.
oh.& today 160607. went out with vermuda! &i'm super hyper and happy! :D we took neos. heheh.upload later. i was late while meeting i'm always late,but its worth the late. lol.thats wad my shirt wrote. walk down bugis village, wanted to but pants but dun have the large. ha.suprising i wearing large?i have a big butt.haha. :] so didnt buy it. dawn bought a butterfly earings at diva! it was super nice la! i wanted to buy it but i pok! lol. $20 for shirts. $10 for pants. $39 for phone memory card. oh.i'm going to be super broke la.
i meeting yuzhen, jiejie & the rest tmr! at 11.30 to get the ingredients for tmr's bbq! yay!having bbq tmr! i wanna have girl's talk instead of getting down the pool! :D mr chan came back from hongkong today. shimin came back yesterday! she bought me a sun…



i'm back !
& recently i fall in love wid SUNGLASSES!
hahahah. i also dono why. lol
maybe the outside world have made me fall in love wid it

i loveeee her. show her information!

Charmaine Sheh Shi Man (Traditional Chinese: 佘詩曼; Simplified Chinese: 佘诗曼; Pinyin: Shé Shīmàn) (born May 28, 1975) is a Hong Kong actress under contract to the TVB television channel. She was signed to the channel soon after competing in 1997's Miss Hong Kong Beauty Pageant and came in third.
Involved mainly in hosting at first, Charmaine became an A-list actress after the winner and first-runner up were embroiled in scandals. Despite harsh criticisms about her squeaky voice, Charmaine faced up to challenges and became one of TVB's most popular actresses. Charmaine is best known for her roles as the romantic lead in a number of TVB series. She is both popular with her fans, not only in Hong Kong, but also in several Asian countries and also well-loved by Chinese fan…