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Showing posts from May 18, 2011
hellooooooo everyoneee!
GOOD NEWS TO SHARE! I've been officially "employed" by Channel 8 to be their blogger for their C.L.I.F event! :D muahah! thanks to channel8 for choosing my blog :) thanks for thinking so highly of me! :D
Another good news, okay, not official yet, but yes, i passed the first round of [Let's talk audition 2] and i will be attending their briefing soon and confirm my place in that. it means this last round determines my admission. :o Wish me luck! ;)
3rd good news. I've passed the first round of Formula 10.0.06's and now running for the finalist round! just done up the video to ask people to continue to support me for the last round!^^ sooooooo, do continue to vote for me! :D kamsahamida!! :D
okay, when good news ends, bad news arrives.
1st bad news, my beloved idol flew off already and wont be back till 4 months later. *cries*
2nd , HRM project dateline on 30th May. and we have not completed 1/4 of it. GG.
3rd, MBS project dateline on 27th May. and WE HAVE…