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hello :D
i'm totally fucked up man!
fucked fucked la!
i've drop down to rank 6 in class.
drop by 5 rankings la!
i was actually to be rank 3 but cos i fail eng.
and the top 3 is those hu pass english la!

screwed english paper!
cos of that fucking english paper and i fail everything!
i saw me english paper before.
mdm leela is damn strict in her marking la!
spelling wrong minus everything!
wtfffff la!
screwed english paper up la!
went for the animation thingy today,
it wad a great fun creating animations la!
very nice! haha.satisfied with itt!

bused down to united square wid my beloved yuzhen:)
mac there, and saw one primary age girl doing homework there la.
she was like damn hardworking.
only she alone doing work there,and her table was full of maths worksheets la.
yuzhen and i was like OMG!
then something came to my mind:"this gal is so hardworking at this young age, i nid to followed her footsteps to go into 3e1.& i begin to realise that i have to work really hard.&q…


today CA1 paper is back!
&my english is screwed up man!
well, the paper is sooooooo soooooo hard larh..
thats why, we had only 3 passes for english la.

joyce's CA1 marks. {screwed up man!}
english-32/100 F9! {totally screwed!}
maths-59.7/100 c5{need more more practices!}
chinese-70/100 A2{not bad lah}
science-67/100 B3{not up to my expectations.}
literature-76/100 A1{shock sia.. didnt know will get so high larh.}
Home econs-77/100 A1{not bad larh}
Geography-64/100 B4 {not up to expectations}

what a shitty results i've got la.
have to buck up alreadyy.
jia you!

oh,& thanks thanks & many thanks to tanjingwen for making my blogskin so wonderful!
loves loves &loves! :D

maths was boring as i have tution that topic already.
i almost fell asleep la.
chinese write the si han.
bored bored.
english-i was listening to mdm leela attentively as i need to improve my eng results!
hahaha.PE running 2.4km-i managed to run finished at the timing 13:45!
haha.improve by 10seconds compare to last…