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Showing posts from January 3, 2010
I am so TIRED.

sorry for the lacking of updates.
been working and dancing these few weeks.
i took leave from work today because i've lost my voice.
i think i;ve eaten too many chocolates and all those junks.
and yesterday i couldnt even talk to my customers.
so took leave today. because my voice is not back yet.
this sucks.

School is re-opening tmr.
gosh, time really flies.
i'll be getting back results next week
right after my bursary ceremony i think.
i haven take leave from boss to collect results yet.
im really worried, so worried.
what if i dont do well?
where will i end up in? ):
this kind of feeling super sucky.
STUPID. whenever people remind me of results, i'll be in low s[irits the whole day.
im so so so so worried.

right. im super tired
and hope that i;ll gain back my 3/4 voice tmr
at least can promote my items to customers. *prays*
hope that i'll score very good results. *prays*