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Showing posts from November 24, 2007
hello people! :D
i just finished watching the whole episode of Maiden's Vow.
and i can say it is a greatgreat show!
oh i love crunchyroll it lets me meet new friendly friends.
lols. back to topic.
Maiden's vow is a very nice show.
it is a story that shows woman in different eras.
& certainly charmaine sheh acted very well!
charmaine sheh gooood job! :)

first generation of woman are kinda pitiful.
they have to marry people whom they dun like
and when their husbands flirt with other woman infront of them they cant even scold the husbands.
argh.! angry with it.
does man have bigger power than woman?
no! all are equal. men can do de, woman also can do.

second generation woman, they story tells that woman get to choose the guy that she likes.
it dosent matter if the guy have sooo sooo big gap age.
by the second generation, woman get to choose to be with the man they loved.

third generation, woman can change into man.
as in woman not only can stay at home and do housework but also can go out…