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Showing posts from March 13, 2008
hehes. was suppose to attend band today but had headache this morning laa.
so didnt went for band.
i know you all miss me rite? hahas! :x

i woke up again at 1 plus,
accompany my sister to vivo to change her phone.
her phone damn SOLID la!
even the earpiece also RED laa!
i am damn jealous laa!

when on the way back,
i was actually thinking of something.
you all know what am i thinking ?
LOL! dont laugh ah.
i was like thinking, after my Poly/JC level, i wanna go overseas for university studies.
and i wanna go canada, Vancouver state to study la.
Or either Switeland.
but the fees are damn ex, and i was like eh, i'm 18 when i finished poly/JC level,
so i can work/study at the same time.
maybe shall discuss this after my o's (:
ya la, hopefully i work ard and can get government's scholarship to overseas la.

okay, siging off now.
short post for now.
my sister is shouting at me to use the com.
Bye dearies! =)