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Showing posts from November 13, 2009
helooooooooooooo :)
finally seeing me back here!
yesyes, i know everyone misses me especially Tanjingwen!
LOL!, keep asking me to open my blog.
i dont know what to do now.
there's nothing special to blog about.

oh, i've gotten my complete freedom :)
O's is over!
this year seemed to be passing so fast!
i cant imagine that i'll be moving to a new environment next year.
i just hate the feeling of moving into a brand new environment.
now im busy with job hunting.
still waiting for phone calls.
keep fingers crossed :x

i'll be going back for dance lessons.
but i've had to look at my job schedule (if im recruited )
and then make decisions again.
i'm taking up ballet . :)

i guess i'll have to stop here.
nothing much :(
bye people~