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Showing posts from June 14, 2008
hello dearies!
have been staying at home whole day today!
LOL! re-watching The seventh day and bitter bitten again. LOL!
while waiting for my FH2 disc to arrive too.
well, hope it faster arrive leh! wanna watch ga! LOL!

i'm leaving for midnight movie later.
with cousin, gajei and muimui la :)
hehehes! and after movie, going K to join my mummie!
LOL! Saturday night is always crazy night for my whole family. LOL!


♥ Kuku : hahas! i also forget wor. hahas! OK! help my photocopy and give it to me on sentosa trip ok? LOVE! walao i miss sia cos of facial la. LOL! you bring la. i write all the instructions for you le wor still need me to bring? HUH!?! LOL! just kidding. i bring then i bring lor. LOL!

♥ hsiehhui : HHAHAHS! it's niki chow! :] hahas! her voice and Charm's one is different wor? yeps, sure! add me in msn? i'll send you through there (: LOVE!

♥ Carmen : hello mui! :) No problem! :D hehes! me? hmmm, on episode 18. :D and i really love the show! it's great! :) C…