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Showing posts from March 12, 2008

A Trip to Hongkong! :D

i'm back from Hongkong!
& i seriously love love love the country over there!
Uncle Dennis Brought my cousin & i around HK !
& Hongkong's causeway bay, Tsim sha Tsui, Central, HKIA is damn nice!
i loveee all the places but this above places i've mention is the best view ever!
& all the public transport we all took!
the Small bus known as " xiu bus" in canto, the big bus, taxi, ship, MTR, all the public transport we all take la!
it's really a pleasant trip and i will be visiting there again hopefully!

7th march;
Proceed to Changi Airport at about 12 plus noon!
WOW! Singaporeans must be proud to have a wonderful changi airport man.
it's been ages since i visit the Singapore's Changi Airport lor.
& the airport is beautiful!
we have to check in before 3.15
and we wanted to shop after we checked in cos the things inside is much more CHEAPER!
butbut my xiaoyi wanna meet us, so we have to wait for her.
and she came at 3.10. -.-
so we ca…