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Showing posts from July 15, 2013

Unnatural Suzie Cuts

just a short post before i rushed off to TP.
though i am already late. LOLLL

Anyway, thanks to evercy for the full link of unnatral, i've cut and edit the video of Suzie's part!
It's pretty short but still enjoy! :D
(I've got no idea how come the width is stretched to such maximum)

I've also received Ckay laoshi's hosting video that we did the other time.
But i think cause of the privacy settings I cant share it over at my blog. Shall download it and then reupload~~

I found some pictures in my phone and I decide to do something lame.

"SUP, give me the xxx before i hang you to death!"

"FINALLY its in my hands!! muhahaha" 
okay, fine thats lame but whatever.  LOL. Goodbye for now!