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[sponsored advertorials] WHERE TO SHOP?!

Hi GIRLSSSS! & probably guys!
It's been near to a month since i last updated because school/dance/outside commitments are keeping me busy now. D:
School has been quite fast-paced and stressing, i'm still stuck at some parts and mid-sems are just around the corner. bless me!
Anyway, put it short! there are 3 shops i'm going to recommend you girls!
So stay with me and you won't regret!

First up: 24x25

Kinda think that they have quite a unique shop name. Like they don't use "words" to name their shop but "24x25" instead.  Before I present to you the items that were sponsored to me, here's a little background on 24x25! "Happiness is not ready made. Happiness is handmade."
At 24X25, it's all about HANDMADE HAPPINESS  While we find joy in what we're doing, we hope to spread the love & appreciation for handmade goodness & share some happiness with you! Behind our handmade products are powered by only a pair of hands.  W…