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Showing posts from November 28, 2006
i have a picture to be put up.
my little babe(:
cute.? this my little cheryl(:
she's cute yah.?
take foto also post huh.
ohhhh~she's really cute lars.
i lovee her.
okok.i'm getting excited keas
cos i'm always watching the truimph in the skies
its really a nice nice nice show
very very very nice ah~
i fall in love wid that show lar

pilots are intreseting lar
{mayday mayday mayday, solar 110,07 left,clear to land}
haha.very intreseting lars
very nice flying in the air lars
too bad i'm wearing specs la
if not i can be a pilot.

i have band ytd la.
learn american river song.
very fast lar
mr leng also got come
scaryy scaryy.
all the instructors are firece!

all along nothing to do la.
i'm watching my show now.nice(=

oh i've talk alot &forget to say HIHI people!
i'm watching now.
nice(= jacqueline ng rawks too lar.
i'm going to buy another vcd lars.
also a show acted by FLORA CHAN!
let me put up jacqueline & flora's fotos lahs.