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Showing posts from August 29, 2006
today... hmm
okaayy, morning was pissed off
damn angry lor
i pass up homework already teacher say i never hand up work
wa lao!
then teacher walk past me
see my sleeve folded up
also not i fold up wan
never see my other side of my sleeve nva fold up meh
then teacher so firece la!
so firece never let me explain that the sleeve not i fold wan
is accidently fold wan lor
i didn't even know
then teacher go "tsk" me
wa lao!
i cried too ):
cos my class.. cant get them to pay $2
for the teacher's day cake + gifts
come on its only $2 lor
like take thier life like that
GEO lesons i cried
cos he is that guy hu always argue with me
thats y i cried
but then first thing is that i wanna apoologise that
never tell u all earlier about the teacher's day celebration thing
terribly sorry..
that guy go blame me why choose cake nva ask the class first
cos that time is friday ler
our cake need special order
thats y need the 4 days to do
so i have to make decision on myself
cant possibly call u all 1 by 1 on last fri…