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21st Birthday Wish list!

HIHIHI! School is getting busier than ever as we are coming to the end of the semester. Time really flies, its going to be end of Year 1 of studies in SMU for me. Things are going to get tougher although it is already tough enough for me to handle now but hopefully more positive energy is going to flow through me to help me survive till the end of the semester. :( HWAITING!

The subject goes.... 21st Birthday Wish list!
Yes, this is going to be a guide for those who needs to reference what I am into now!
all these are just REFERENCES, if you think there are things that suits me better, go ahead and do not need to follow these wish list!
But if you do, please let me know, so that I can cross out! :D

#1. Casio EX-JE10  Pink Camera  [TAKEN]

#2: CHANEL Classic earrings

#3: Innisfree Products These are the top3 products in Innisfree and I love all them! Any will do fine or you would like to get all 3 i'm  absolutely fine too! HAHAHA
#4: Make-Up related Products
CLIO Eye liner
MAC Bronzing P…