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Day7: Bupyeong (surprised findings) + Incheon Art Platform (the filming of Dream high's 1 & 2) + Advertorial (Lovelyitemss x shopxghouls)

Hi guys!
back again! I'm trying to find a way to extend the number of posts in my blog's template because there's only 2 posts shown in my blog and you have to go to the bottom left side under history to view the past posts. HELP ANYONE~~~

Anyway, my itenary today was to visit the Incheon Art Platform where Dream high season 1 and 2 used to film at! At the same time to shoot for advertorials!
But before the day starts, here's cheers to some selfies! :p

As usual, we slept until 自然醒 and headed for the long journey~
The journey is so beautiful! Try not to take a taxi so that you can enjoy the beautiful scenery while training along the way~

As we transfer trains at Bupyeong, we found out that there's a market over there! and many many shops selling all clothes at super cheap price!
Major love there seriously! I got like a pair of boots for 10,000 won only! hahah!
and some other apparels and accessories! *.*
the clothes and accessories there are almost the same price at…

Day6- Park Shin Hye's event, Myeondong Cathedral and Myeongdong shopping area!

Hi guys!!

Been procrastinating much lately haha!
So... here's what I did on Day6!

Selfie with twinnie on train~
Went over to Park Shin Hye's event for a beauty brand [Dear], yes, Cha Eun Sang in [The Heirs]!!!
Twinnie and I went to Myeongdong because the event was at Myeongdong!
We went to get the product and was given a queue number to meet Park Shin Hye later.
Their event was totally well-organized and the fans' welfare were very well taken care of!
They passed us a queue number and told us to come back and queue again (thank god because the weather was extremely cold! it was -8degrees!!) They even offered heat packs to the fans queuing outside under the super cold weather!

Before the event starts, twinnie and I went to the Myeongdong Cathedral for sightseeing!

Me and my "ba zhang" attire! Too cold~

Asked Twinnie to snap a "feel/sentimental" picture for me and she ended up taking this. -.-

Finally, a pass-able one! 

It's so be…