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Showing posts from September 17, 2006

"BRENDENS" are horny laa.(:

okok.. after resting laa.
went to coffee shop eat eat..(:
then i saw a big family come here and eat also laa.

then saw 2 little babe boys laa..
the elder wan call brenden.{cos i hear his dad call his name}
then the second smaller brother, i dont know his name larr.
they were like::
brenden: *look look at small brother..*
small brother: *look look at him.*
brenden:*kiss his litte brother*
lityle brother:* shock face*

they were adorable laa(:
all brendens are seriously horney laa..
that time at seven eleven..
i was paying for my things laa
then there is this little boy which is so cute laa
he was like:
small boy: *look look at me*
me: *paying things, not paying attention*
boy: * hit my butt*me: SHOCK!

all brendens are hornys laas(:


hey people!
back blogging laa..(:
i know u all miss me laa.
no need miss laa.
i'm back liao la..(:

went out to toa payoh(:
with my mummie(: and nut sister laa.
we went to eat in the FORTUNATERESTRAUNT!{in chinese: xing fu ying cha.?}
its YUM YUM YUMMIE laa..(:
we ordered all the dim sum laa.
eat until so full.

then went shopping(:
my stupid sister =.+
want to go bossini to buy her stupid shirt laa. =.+
$51 for 3 shirts!
so expensive laa..

then walk to central to see see..
then the {jue dui SUPERSTAR}
today girl's singing laa.
quite nice laa most of them.
then mummie go deposit money {$$} LOL

we walk to NTUC and see mop!
ohmyDIYU... mummie has so many mops still buying...
wait there so long
leg cracking liao laa.

then went to buy my mickeyy mouses shirties laa.
mine is cheap okkay..
i buy 3 mickeyy shirt and 1 mickey shorts laa
and its only $42 laa.

then my stupid sister jealous laa.
down there throw tamtrom{no idea how to spell}
stupid laas....
then mummie dont care her
walk to ta…