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Seoul day #3 and #4: Ehwa and Hongik University

Helloooooooo all!
Sorry for the #3 post yesterday! I was thinking since I'm visiting 2 universities places why not wait until I finished Hongik then i'll proceed together! :D

So here's my continued trip!
On day #3, We went over to ehwa university for shopping!
I really love that area because all the clothes are rather cheap! like you can get simple and nice pullovers for around SGD$6-7!!! 5,000 won! Where can you get this kind of price in Singapore you tell me?!
Didn't really snap a lot of pictures because I was busy shopping~~ :p

I realized I didnt take any pictures of the Train stations area so I decided to snap some along the way to Ehwa University~

They have vending machines around and almost everywhere!

Dangsan was one of the "exchange" stops we had to move over!

How does the Trains in Korea looks like~~  Their chairs are rather comfy!!  And you can eat/drink in the train!! :D

Can't remember where I snap the above picture :// I think this should be E…