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Showing posts from July 11, 2011
Hi everyoneeee!
Must be missing me right?
My name is adorable Ng! HAHA. Inside joke for FT.

Just got time to blog a little while on train.
My life had been such hectic.
Seriously. I've studies, 2 CCAs to handle well. But I'm not doing a good job.
I hope I've more time to spare so that I can do many things more.
It's been 3 months since I last dance.
And I miss dance so much but at the same time I cannot fork out that much time anymore.

Semester 2.2 is arriving and I'm in the banking and finance elective.
After one big round, I still end up in banking&finance. ._.
And all the "chiong-ers" are there and I need more time to study as well.
I still want my name on DHL in future.

Projects are pilling up.
Sociology project, sociology essay, HRM project, MBS project.
Moreover, tests are just around the corner.
With TNS, finance and access practical next.

Guess poly life aren't as easy as well.
Many things to comprehend in life and many time needed to manage things …