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Showing posts from March 6, 2008
Hihi dearies=)
i will be leaving for HK trip tmr!
i know you all will miss me la! LOL!
when i come back, i'm going to upload loads of photos la!

Today was parents-meeting day!
got back results day.
& it totally ruin my day.
i was very very sad upon my results.
i'm so glad that many teachers encourages me thou.
Mdm leela is the nicest teacher, she saw my results and was asking me to buck up
and study well.
She say she will be lending me different types of books and national geographic magazines and all that.
she kept on encouraging me with the sweet words of hers and it nearly makes me cry la!
thanks mdm leela!

Another teacher that i like to specially thanks is Ms Koh,
after writing in some thoughts about my subjects problems,
she teaches me individually.
she teaches me with patience and going thru again and again.
really thanks alot ms koh!

For this 2 special teachers,
i promise that i will score well for it.
i won't let you all disappointed again!
i have to buck up on studies too, and …