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Showing posts from March 29, 2008
HIHI dearies=)
The starhub person went to install my cable tv this morning!
and since i first time signing up the cable tv, they gave us ALL programmes for free viewing first. (:
hehehs. now my sister is crazily playing with the games in the cable tv.

My modem cant worked again la!
it's super irritating laa.
have to call up singtel again. !#$%^%^&
I always dont like using singtel items. LOL
but my modem' contract ends at june this year.
so mama was like wait first la.
3 more months then switch to starhub.
how can i survive with singtel's spoilt modem leh.
alamak. i stilll have to access to to do my school's homework la.

band yesterdy was super fun la.
Mr leng was like performing like "ju gong" holding a few pairs of drumsticks and dancing.
i made the loudest laugh and he spotlight me.! LOL
he was so funny la.
3 hours plus band, it felt like 2 hours plus only.
cos it was fun (:
we did rhythm studies. (:
i kinda enjoy that! :D
hehehehes. Eunice (sec1 )was always st…