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Showing posts from January 27, 2008
hello peoplee! :)

Yeps. i guess all of u know the results of Astro Award.
its quite disappointing la huh.
偶像sheh did not win the best actress thingy lor.
it goes to gigi instead. )):
but 偶像sheh was catogorised with Most Favourite Character number 1! :)
& although lam fung also didnt received any awards,
be he was catogorised with Most Favourite Character number 1 for guy too!:)
i belive 偶像sheh would grab back that award again next year lor.
still have Maiden's Vows & The Drive Of life! :D
i'm sure she can do it de!
All the way 偶像sheh!

i guessed i have to give up my hope that the letter is reaching sehseh's house thingy.
i dun think can make it on time lor.
so forget it bahs.
abit disappointing of course.
it didnt reaches sehseh's house on time.
i guessed i have to called sehseh to mail me back already.
anyway, thanks for it.
if 偶像sheh is going to malaysia again,then i'll speed post to you. :D
hehes. haix.

today is going to be a boring day lor.
just staying at home and st…