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Showing posts from April 4, 2008
yea, from my opening speech above u all can guess that i'm not in a good mood today.

Is CCA suppose to let us enjoy what we loved?
isnt it?
Is joining into band a wrong choice for me?
should i stay in Opera rather than changing CCA?
i realy regret it alot.
Band are all rules rules and rules.
and their rules are COMPLETELY NOT clear AT ALL.

The whole band was being punished be just a command from the drum major.
cos some of them went to laugh at a particular student.
and there were some who own up,
yet the drum major dosent belive it!
and make the whole band run 3 rounds around the parade square without slowing down.
if u have the intention to asked the band to run already, then u no need to ask people to admit who laugh at the person rite?
and what's worst was i just had my 2.4KM run this morning lor!
you know how tiring it was la.
but i'm satisfied with my results. 13:04 minutes! :D
hehehs. i'll keep improving :D
back to the bang thing.
let me ask you, what if it is TRUE that…