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Showing posts from December 21, 2010
Jealousy is no more than feeling alone against smiling enemies ~ Elizaberth Bowen

no idea, really no idea, really really no idea.
why people behave in such way?
if people is better than you, try to reflect on yourself!
Chinese characters wrote : “一山还有一山高” , “强中自有强中手"
If someone is doing way better than you, you have to constantly improved yourself too.
im not only telling you, but ive been telling myself too.
There will always be people striving way better than you, definitely,
the obstacle here is that, HOW YOU GONNA ADJUST YOURSELF so that you will be on par?
no use envying or being jealous of people isnt it?
sometimes i just dont understand why people tend to behave in such way,
dont you think its so immature?!
you are indirectly "scolding" me on twitter first that makes me wanna retaliate.
Nevertheless, you are one good person! you are really nice, and i really treasured you as a friend. i respected you!
but what did you do to me? SIGH.

anyway, enough of that.
today had been a busy…