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Unatural season 3/ Re:late Trailer!

it's me again! :)
Been busy with sponsors stuff and emailing and all, before I received the sponsors items and blog about those, I would like to express a big thank you to all the sponsors whom contacted me so far to sponsor me their items! Thank You for having me to do advertorials for your blogshop/instashop!
I mean its definitely not easy to start out, but if your put your heart, soul and 200% of hard work to do up a good and honest reviews, more will eventually come to you. I am determined. *shows muscles hand*
Don't forget, for advertorials/reviews with sponsorship, please contact me at! I don't bite! ^^

Anyway today was my first camp with SMU's school of accountancy. you know the uncertainty and ambiguity when you have to attend a new environment and new friends. I was a little nervous and afraid when I entered into that auditorium this morning. But i've to say I end off my day with the same group of people and I'm totall…