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heyheyhey people!
today was band-junior feast competiton
&& we like rushing for the "trumoet voluntery" the song
lol.. but it was quite smooth anyway..
&& we are the first band to open the whole thing
we play first!
haha,, was like so nervous lo..
but not as nervous la... cos opera also got perform there..
&& after we finished,
ms peh! my fav teacher! LOL
she was asking how was it?
i sae we are rushing.. haha
but she go sae but it was quite good too(:
haha.. thanks ms peh!
& after we just finished
ms pay ling ling(my sister, LOL) came
it was like everybody go sae "MS PAY WHY ARE YOU LATE!!!"
she go sae " I MISS THE BUS!"
it was like -.-"
ms pay pls be early nest time...
interval time.. i went to find chin ju..
i go hug her and call put her name! CHIN JU!
haha.. she go sae i very cute look like ms pay..
okay i knoe its -.-"
then chin ju go sae "ms pay ur sister ah?"
then ms pay go sae "u ask joyce wanna be anot"
i haven even…