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heyheyhey people!
today was band-junior feast competiton
&& we like rushing for the "trumoet voluntery" the song
lol.. but it was quite smooth anyway..
&& we are the first band to open the whole thing
we play first!
haha,, was like so nervous lo..
but not as nervous la... cos opera also got perform there..
&& after we finished,
ms peh! my fav teacher! LOL
she was asking how was it?
i sae we are rushing.. haha
but she go sae but it was quite good too(:
haha.. thanks ms peh!
& after we just finished
ms pay ling ling(my sister, LOL) came
it was like everybody go sae "MS PAY WHY ARE YOU LATE!!!"
she go sae " I MISS THE BUS!"
it was like -.-"
ms pay pls be early nest time...
interval time.. i went to find chin ju..
i go hug her and call put her name! CHIN JU!
haha.. she go sae i very cute look like ms pay..
okay i knoe its -.-"
then chin ju go sae "ms pay ur sister ah?"
then ms pay go sae "u ask joyce wanna be anot"
i haven even answer and that chin ju go sae "yes"
then ms pay down there sae "oh,hello sister"
it was like -.-"
&& ms peh, stop laughing at me..
then after everything
we end at 7.30 okaay..
& the bus driver came at 8 & we suppose to meet shimin they all fir dinner!
haha.. and we went outside and stand while waiting for the bus
and thats when i got REALLY mad!
from the step i got out from victoria concert hall.
i started laughing like hell && non-stop!
thats all because of KARTIKA!
she always make me laugh like siao!
haha.. & i am always hitting xin yi's butt
she's sexy okkay! haha
then i was still holding the percussion box..
and that xinyi ah..
call yuzhen smack the file on the box then make it heavier..
i was shouting heavy!
luckily ms peh to the rescue again!
haha.. she go sae in chinese "den yi xia ta de shou duan ah.."
that is later my hand break ah..
haha.. then xinyi ang yuzhen stop
thanks ms peh again!
&& ONG YU ZHEN! u suan me lor..
so sae wad at first i am a boy
than make xinyi and tania call me castrated gal..
smack you okkay..
and thebus arrive at 8 okkays..
we boarded the bus!
u 2 good la
nva help ,e carry thr percussion box up
very heavy lehs..
u 2 not gentlmen de lors..
so i have the box up the bus myself!
& kim hong, my gal.. y are u so moody today?
cheer up! its a happy day for us ok!
on the bus, a grp of them are throwing twisties ok..
and scolded by ms pay!
LOL.. very good!
then kim hngwas quietly looking at the window
she dont wanna joined us un the fun lo
KIM HONG MY DARL.. cheer up plss.
i wanna hear your laughter
and mindy i learnt a new style of laughing from u ah..
then i tell mindy, kim hong looks abit sad..
so she sae change place.. she wanna talk to her
so change lo
& amelia wants me to seat inside and i have to squeeze in!
then jia hui & yuzhen in front and xinyi and tania behind!
they all bully me de lor!
ONG YU ZHEN! especially
sabbo me de... jia hui and xinyi was like hitting my head lo..
haha.. i hit them back...LOL
it was such a fun dae lo
and xinyi watch out for me i will always smack your butt ok..
haha.. tania be careful too..hehe
yuo 2 super cute and sweet lo..(:
back to school..
seat at the foyer wait for janice jie they all to talk..
then ms pay go ask me " u haven answer me lehs.."
them i go sae " answer you wad?"
she sae "y everytime see her face laugh?"
the i sae u damn funny ma
so laugh lo..
then she down there -.-"
and we wanted to go up and put the instruments
so i walk then walk pass ms peh
i look at her
she look at me
then i started laughing okkayy
she started smiling too(:
haha.. 2 ms peh and pays you all damn cute (:
haha,,, and i am carrying the box up again!
& janice jie ask me " heavy anot"
haha.. went to sae no
btw thanks janice jie for the corncern of asking (:
ohya & not forgetting meiqi jie for doing the beautiful banner for the percussion grp(:
it was so beautiful!
and after band dismissal
me, yuzhen & jia hui walk down the hill
then i went to touch jia hui's butt
then she go sae u are so pervert,
first u touched my butt then secong u kiss me
themn third time touch butt again!
fouth time wad will u do?
the yuzhen go suan me
sae fouth time i will rape her..
smack u yuzhen!
then we 3 run all the way down the hill!
haha..then meet them
go US eat.. mac!
we lazy climb over the over head bridge
so we do the J walking
okkayy i knoe its wrong
wont do it again!
we go opposite tehn see mavis jie
she;s still sweet and pretty as usual(:
we eat mac!
so funny lors!
brenden la, make me laugh then i laugh then people sae i siao
laugh laugh laugh
i was laughing like siao lo..
where got people put fries into the coke de
then go drink it
then take out the fries and eat
then spit it out again!
haha.. make me laugh like siao okkayy.
then i go laugh so lound until just right the security came in to eat mac!
then call me shhs..
suan me .... pissed off la..
so pai sei also...=.+
then bought purple yummy sweets
haha.. so yummy!
then went home.. seat bus..
yuzhen and i pray for 131 come first then followed by 980
haha.. then really happens lo...LOL
& jonathan stop calling me 5 seconds laughing record okkayy
haha.. gtg... enjoy reading ah..



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