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EHA Hifu Treatment Process

Hi guys!

It's been pretty long since I've updated my blog because of my super busy and tight schedules recently. 
but praised God for such busy schedules because everyday is simply fulfilling! 
Stay close with me because I've a lot of exciting events/things to showcase to you all!

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Back to the agenda for today, my blogpost will be focusing on my HIFU Treatment with EHA Clinic few weeks back! I never knew what this treatment was all about but Storybox Collective wanted to shot some of the treatment process and so here I am! I am still rather impressed by the instant results after a short one-time session. Read on to find out more!

To keep things authentic, all the pictures are not filtered/edited by me at all. 
Storybox Collective might have edited some lightings, but as much as possible, I will not edit these pictures so that you guys can have the most accurate picture as possible. So let's get started!

The treatment I did is name as the HIFU Plus, also known as High Intensity Focused Ultrasound. And such treatment is applied on my face. I'll explain more as you read along my experience!

So before any treatment starts, the therapist will first begin with thorough cleansing of the face.

So, do not worry if you have schedule before your treatment. You can still have you makeup on for your schedule and leave the cleansing to the experts! I love how comfortable the cleansing process was! 

All smiles and ready for my HIFU Plus Treatment!

Now, let's take a look at my BEFORE HIFU Plus face. See how I've complained on those extra fats around my cheeks, bulky muscles around my jawline and probably sagging skin. So HIFU Plus probably isn't designed to tackle bulky muscles (solution to that is actually botox. stay tune to my next blogspot with EHA), But HIFU Plus here deals with lifting and tightening of skin and allows you to achieve a desire V-shape result instantly. (Note that, HIFU Plus is going to be very effective if you realised your face problem lies with sagging issues) 

This is the machine that was "activated" for my HIFU Treatment that day!
Because we are dealing with ultrasound machines here, there are these gel substance that was applied before the start of utilising the machine on my face. 
Nothing painful on this, its just applying a layer of cold gel (in case you freak out easily like me lol)

We all know what lies beneath the layers of our skin, are more skins and layers of other stuff that makes up part of the human body. A remarkable breakthrough in technology, HIFU offers an alternative to a surgical facelift. No need to go under knifes/needles for facelifting to achieve a V-shape result. 

HIFU uses the power of Ultrasound to lift and tighten skin. We probably heard of the Ultrasounds magic working on other areas of our body. For instance, IPL or Lipo. You might think that it may probably be too harsh on the face. Well, it is true and that is why HIFU Plus treatment differs a little. With it being a different form of energy, HIFU is able to protect skin surface whilst precisely penetrating at deeper depths in the skin. 

The targeted tissue around the sagging area is heated to ~65 degrees celsius, creating both spaced wounds and cellular friction which in turns stimulate collagen regeneration and production. In about 3-6monthsm the regenerative response stimulates long-term tissue and leads to further lifting and tightening, with results that can last for years. 

The first layer of skin is often our more superficial skin based. Hence, when the machine first got into contact with my face, I felt nothing but just sudden light shocks which were extremely bearable. 

However, as part of the HIFU Plus treatment, Doctor Elias will not stop at first level since he was only tackling with the superficial skin surface in the beginning. The process of such have to be repeated about 4 times depending on your skin condition. It sure to be a little uncomfortable as we move up the levels, that explains my facial expression on the above picture. As the ultrasound energy penetrates deeper into the skin, the more you could feel that it is tackling way beneath the skin area. And, this is what you would want to feel, as it is making things work! 

The deeper the ultrasound energy penetrates, the more sensitive you will feel. Level 4 is the most sensitive for me. It feels like there is on and off pain feeling. The pain feeling is like the growth of a wisdom tooth aching. it is kinda off and on. So when it penetrates and tackle on the spot, you'll feel such feeling.

But fret not, because Dr Elias is one professional and jovial doctor! He still stayed calm and keeping you relax in the process. Sometimes, he jokes with you as well to make you feel more relaxed. I even asked him "how did you maintain your poise and such relax way of performing your treatment when your patients are probably getting shocked off and on with the ultrasound penetration effect." You should totally just observe how Dr Elias does his thing.  

He just kept everything he loves to keep things very casual and steady. That is why despite the sensitivity, I was still laughing every now and then. lol.

Of course, despite the sensitiveness, it was actually still tolerable!

I'm someone who cannot tolerate high levels of pain. So this was one that was actually still right for me. Sometimes, it shocked me because the ultrasound energy just hit on the right spot of a particular part.

There you go! Evidence! Still tolerable and awaiting for a tightening and lifting effect on the face! 

HIFU can be used around the eyes, the face, neck and jawline!

Tada! This was taken right after the HIFU Plus treatment! The entire process was rather fast. about 30-40mins? And the V-shape effect is quite prominent! JUST LOOK THAT THE SIDE OF MY JAWLINE. 

Within that short period of treatment, my skin is instant lifted and tighter! This is done so without the need of any injections/needles!! This V-shape result using ultrasound is easily achieved within a session! I'm in love! 

All smiles for the wonderful and effective results achieved from the HIFU Plus treatment! Say no more to sagging skin condition! Skin feels tighter and more prominent V effect! 

Thank You EHA Clinic for making me beautiful! 
& to the team from Storybox Collective, thank you for having me! 
*All pictures are never edited by me, so it shall give you what it is shown right from the camera!* 

You can find out more on EHA Clinic's HIFU Plus treatment from:

EHA Clinic is located at:
1 Scotts Road
Singapore 228208

Till then! I'll see you guys in my next blogposts! 
I'm editing a couple of videos as well, so please keep a look out on my IG/Facebook Page!
Good Day!


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