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#CLIF private screening!

HELLO READERS!im here to update you on C.L.I.F's private screening! Dont know what is C.L.I.F? not the 山 hor, its a new channel 8 police drama which is airing after The In-laws. (btw, have you all been watching In-laws?! BETTER WATCH HUH. :p) I arrived on that day, primarily, not to look at the artists whom are coming but to watch the storyline seriously and to do a good and fair job on writing my reviews on C.L.I.F as channel 8's blogger. The artists, are secondary. *wink*
So basically, what does C.L.I.F means? it means Courage, Loyalty, Integrity and Fairness. the four core values which guide the officers of the Singapore Police Force. (SPF)
so what makes this police show different from the others? This drama is set to be the most realistic Singapore-based Police drama series ever, with extensive support from the Singapore Police Force. Which means, everything that they (the artists do) they have to follow SPF's rules strictly. This is the first time, SPF is using a drama to …