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Showing posts from August 28, 2006
heyheyhey people.
must faster blog b4 mummie's (: back
okok.. wad happened today was really funny.
we have our lessons as usual
P.E--> we were like preparing the game for captain's ball as we are goin to play on teacher's day.
then literature argh.. boring okkay
dono wads the teacher talking
recess! find mindy(: to return her GEO file as i forgotten to bring
cos my gal(yunqi(: ) took home my FILE!!
bad gal...
saw dawn's(: gang
say hello then i rush up!
to change back my uniform..
went to eat eat in recess(:
then the bell rang! ):
LINE up!
prefects check!
jeremy kana catch again! without the scoo badge
went back class (:
have maths, did the maths test.. and it comes out wierd questions ):
i cant score well for this time..
then it end (:
i just love newspaper cuttings
went library suppose to borrow books
then sis class got workshop inside ):
back to class
VP ALERT! haha
faster go back class cos we never tuck in shirt 3cm out..LOL
eng newspaper cutting fong hid…