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HELLOHA PEOPLE :D its been 2 days of mugging days for me. completed tasks that i need to, well, with the exception of POM. will be studying with study gang tmr! :D see you peeps!

anyway, those above pictures are some PREVIEWS OF PACEsetters retreat :) more of my facebook :D loving emilie super much! (FYI, that's the little girl ! ) bobo and i decided to go paris one day! (HAHA! as in when we are working and have the ability too) she wants me to go backpacking with her but staying in a 5 star hotel -.- LOL, emilie say she wants to bring me around paris. dont forget me emilie! :D

anyway, unriddle been pretty good right? ((: i know my idol is GOOD. VERY GOOD. SUPER GOOD. TOO GOOD FOR WORDS. LOL DYLAN OR YUZE? actually to put my shoes into Xiaoman, i will also be in dilemma. (although im yuze bias) but i find Dylan quite sweet too :)

okay! BYE!

opps, sorry dawn!
hhah! lighting too bright.
so when edit, it becomes brighter.

met this girl today.
miss her. (:
People said "when life gives you a lemon, make lemonade"
But have they consider what would life NOT give you.
Sometimes life is like a 'colour wheel', they give you what you want and what u not expect to get.
But sometimes, when you really want some things and hope that life gives it to you, you will happen to find that they don't give it to you.
So is life fair or unfair to us, eventually?

Sadden. Tears of sorrow. Betrayed. Oh, just shut up and I'll have to cover my current situation and feelings with just a pathetic smile. What more can I do? Sigh.
Today, give a stranger one of your smiles. It might be the only sunshine he sees all day. ~ Quoted in P.S. I Love You, compiled by H.Jackson Brown, JR

Helloha people!
im back from the sleepover at ajumah's house! :D
i love her bedroom! full of secretive feel~~~ WOOT.
keke. she has her own bathroom, you know! so cool right! HAHA.
i love the bathroom cause of the stairs down to the washing area :D
and when you come out, straight away there's the closet.
kekeeee. and her curtain is super sexy~~ HAHA.

anyway, i need to start studying real soon.
realise i haven been doing any work yet.
argh. and i cant watch unriddle on monday, wednesday and thursday anymore.
dance resumes.
i hope to learn more dances! like modern dance or maybe sometimes try out hip-hop?
it seems so cool!

and ohya, feel like quitting pacesetters.
no doubt that it will be a beneficial cca to me, but currently what im feeling like is just stressful!
and it is so hard to communicate with those seniors!
they all look so fierce, and t…
photo credits to : channel 8;
"its time for us to unriddle those riddles"

hello people! :)
yesterday was quite a long day for me. it was PACEworkshop on the art of conversation~ where Mr sonny came to speak to us about conversation? indeed it was really nice to attend the workshop because i've some sort of benefited from the programme like how do you speak well in front of people. Especially towards parents, higher ranking authorities?

after that, bobo, vanessa and egg went to buy the items for the retreat. we were like discussing about what to get, which one is the cheapest etc. HAHA. after that bobo and i was like discussing what to wear for our performance (soshi's songs) HAHA. and our theme is none other then >> SALIOR! haha i found some quite-okay one which i think its appropriate! bobo wants dress! LOL. so its a little bit difficult for her to find. and we want to dress up nicely too! keke.

actually, we were quite excited to organise this year's retreat…
"A critic is a bunch of biases held loosely together by a sense of taste." ~ Whitney Balliett

hello people!
i've been updating blog this few days yea? keke.
cause im on one month break! *screams!*
keke, but ya, its for studying thou.
but the motivation is not there ):
i need the motivation back!
In addition, i have to go back to school a lot of time for CCA ): thats so sad man!

Went to school today for the witness of YOG flame running to TP :D
it was kinda fun la!
i only like the flame torch part.
haha, super cool :D

anyway, managed to get back on time for unriddle.
how could you miss this exciting show,right?
haha. it was awesome and i bet every episode gets better!
tmr's epsiode seems good! *sense danger for xiao man! oh no*
its great that ive been receiving positive comments upon the show ! :)
good job to script and casts!
but, i guessed we have to have the patience to wait for the case to crack, i guessed its a little slow pace cause till now, they've not break a case.
but this…
The worst solitude is to be destitute of sincere friendship ~Sir Francis Bacon

hello peeps! i just went to church with paymummy in the morning. dawn wasnt able to accompany there cause she woke up late (playing with Alice for too long) LOL and her swollen red eyes. good that it has subsided.

anyway, i learnt a lot from today's church's lesson. The skills to relate... 1. The art of acceptance 2. The art of listening 3. The art of empathy 4. The art of authenticity 5. The art of forgiveness 6. The art of loving confrontation 7. The art of encouragement

i believe i've benefited from the lesson taught. i agree that these are the 7 things that you have to put into life as you go along your path.
everything that the pastor says is so true, like i'll keep nodding my head cause what he really says is truely true ! i will have to learn to include all these 7 points into my life starting from now. and try to live my life to the fullest. ! :D

thanks to paymummy and her husband for the things that…
Just to remind people! REMEMBER TO WATCH UNRIDDLE! keke. and if anyone of you wanna support dear Ruien, and would like to promote unriddle, i still have the pocket calendars that im holding (in the picture), do ask from me k! :D support UNRIDDLE and RUI EN :D
alright. (: got back all my final coursework grades for subjects. CSA- A Econs -A Accouting- A POM- B+ (boo man! )
i need to woek hard for my main paper for POM la! to reach an A ): the rest i just need to score an A for the main paper!
hwataeng ! :D BYE!
"I feel a very unusual sensation - if it is not indigestion, I think it must be gratitude." ~ Benjamin Disraeli

"i have really nothing to say about but just many thanks and many gratitudes.
people who dont know you well are really ignorant.
however, you always have us to support you along your path.
be confident, be positive.
you've gave the best out of yourself, why not trust yourself?
you've always request to put in 101% of efforts to portray the best even in few seconds.
professional is one word to describe your acting.
you care for every single fan, even though you are meeting a "new face" fan,
you treat her so well, you've never rejected any request.
im so proud to have you. and this proudness will always continue...."

thank you ruien, for waving "hi" to me when i shouted your name from far.
thank you for your initiative to walk over to me.
thank you for the willingness to take picture with me,
but i wanna say sorry as well because people flo…