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Showing posts from September 1, 2008
Hello dearies! :D

i wanna proudly announce that my blogshop is officially OPEN!

Please give support and buy from our blogshop la.
teehee! :D

i've been busy with the blogshop this few days.
and tmr is ORAL!
Picture + conversation.
haix. i prefer reading thou.
i hope it was reading ! argh!
but anyways, wish me lucks alright?

i'm gonna start mugging very soon.
got to catch up with lots of work.
dawn&yuzhen not going to beverly's thingy tmr,
should i go then?
i'll feel rather bored la.
dawn was grounded. HAHA.

♥ Litingg gajei : HAHAHAHAAA! i thot you've changed blogskin? LOL !hahaha! yea, jessica lawyer! :D

♥ Jason Yuen : lol! i didnt change my blog. i changed my blog's skin. yeps, tavia's birthday on 30th (:

♥ Fiona(CR) : HEllo sweetee! :) thanks dear! :) i miss you much tooo loveee! :D

♥ Mengkit : hahas! you leng zai meh? LOL! SET AH! i wanna see my sweet when school reopens! LOL! :D

♥ Fiona ;D : LOL! nono. i didnt we…