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Filling Jwanting's tummy with Yummy Korean Food: HanPan Korean Restaurant!

Hi Guys!  I bet many of us are not foreign to Korean Cuisine.  Me, a fan of kdrama and kpop, of course included in the list too. 
So recently, Smitten Team brought me to HanPan Korean Restaurant! My first thought was "whats so different about Korean Food, I just like that generally, but dont really think there is difference la"
So, for another of my favorite cuisine, lets go! t Located in the central-ish part of Singapore lies a pretty humble Korean Restaurant - HanPan!

Greeted by an exterior which resembles a lot like those Korean BBQ Restaurants in Korea, this place definitely reminds me of my Korea days (someone please bring me back la! #helpla)
Upon entering, we were greeted by the friendly and quirky boss and his people! His chefs are from Korea and they definitely did whipped out authentic korean A la carte! Apart from that, the BBQ is a definite NEED TO HAVE. The marination is on point and there were different types of meat served when we were there. Slurps